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Apostle Island Virtual 5K Run!

Apostle Island Virtual 5K Run!


Our Apostle Island Virtual 5k/10K leads us through this beautiful National Park up in most-northern Wisconsin. Located on Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands offer a stunning scenery, great wildlife such as black bears, deer, coyotes, foxes, bald eagles, golden eagles, and many more…! You’ll find those animals on our medal! As usual, we have a stunning, high quality (5mm thick) medal, in 3D!

You’ll see the design mock-ups in the photo. Once we have enough registration, we’ll go into production.

By the way: this race is special!

For each person that signs up for the race, we will be donating $5 back to the school on Madeline Island!

The more people sign up, the more we can support this little school!

You can do our virtual races on your timeframe & pace. No need to complete it at once! Also, any distance-based activity counts! You decide whether you like to finish this race by walking, running, biking around the island, playing golf, or swimming in the lake.

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